Jackson College’s Simulation & Innovation Center transforms medical education.

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Located in Justin Whiting Hall, Jackson College’s Simulation Innovation Center enhances experiential learning for students and ultimately, improves patient care. It allows current and future healthcare professionals to practice with high-fidelity manikins and other specialized medical resources. This valuable teaching center may also be used by healthcare, school and community groups.

Live Simulation

Demonstrating what a real-life scenario can be like for healthcare professionals, Jackson College’s nursing and health sciences-related program faculty presented a live simulation using JC facilities that showed how to care for a critically ill patient.



JC-SIC is committed to providing excellence in simulation-based training through leadership, research, and interactive learner-centered experiences. Through innovative pedagogy and methodologies, JC-SIC will provide evidence-based and competency-based education promoting students’ cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills.


We aspire, by providing challenging, immersive simulations, to deliver advanced and creative simulations with quality-driven opportunities to encourage exploration and promote the highest quality education and equitable outcomes to meet college-wide needs by:

  • Creating an environment for the learner that supports knowledge integration, problem-solving, and clinical reasoning to enhance practice readiness.
  • Create and design programs to address system needs that are research-based, prioritized, and responsive to the global environment.
  • Develop trainers to grow educational programs, leadership, and critical thinking skills within our healthcare and industry systems.
  • Prepare students by aligning with Jackson College’s statement of beliefs and values