LeTarte Center, Hillsdale

With Jackson College’s Hillsdale LeTarte Center, students can go to college without going too far from home! Students may choose from an associate degree or certificate program, or take classes necessary for transfer to a university for those seeking a bachelor’s degree.

Jackson College has a long history of offering classes in Hillsdale. Prior to the opening of the Clyde LeTarte Center on Carleton Road in Hillsdale, all classes were offered through the adult education program at Hillsdale High School. In the fall semester of 1990, this program consisted of 23 classes with an enrollment of 279 students. The LeTarte Center opened in the winter semester of 1991 with enrollment of 367 students in 38 classes. The center has continued to grow and now has more than 500 students in more than 100 classes including course offerings at Camden-Frontier High School and Will Carleton Academy.

Classes at the LeTarte Center consist of traditional academic transfer classes, in subjects such as accounting, allied health, business, criminal justice, graphic design, nursing and more.

The LeTarte Center is equipped with a state of the art science lab, wi-fi capability and two desktop computer labs. Computers are available in the student lobby for student use when the building is open.